Stabilní a osvědčená značka výzkumu a dalších odborných činností pro bezpečnost a ochranu zdraví při práci


Authorized Body 235 – State Testing Laboratory

  • Accredited and Authorized Body with European notification for testing of personal protective equipment (NB 1024):
    • Head protection;
    • Respiratory protection;
    • Body and hands protection.
  • Test of temporary works equipment (Scaffolds), conformity assessment and issuing certificates confirming the conformity with standard requirements
  • Accredited certification body for product certification
  • Centre for technical standardization
  • Seat of national technical standardization committees no. 3 (personal protective equipment) and no. 92 (Scaffolds)
  • Expert workplace for OSH
  • Preparation of expert opinions for the Czech courts

Department of Major Accidents Prevention

  • Assessment and evaluation of safety documentation prepared under the law on prevention of major accidents
  • Specialized courses for state administration employees
  • Consulting services in the field of prevention major accidents and hazardous chemical substances
  • Methodical activities for state administration needs

Department of Risk Prevention and Ergonomics

  • Research and expert activities in OSH focused on:
    • Risk prevention and safety at work
    • Ergonomics and working environment
    • Working environment and aerosol engineering
    • Reliability of human factor and safety culture
    • Safety of machinery and technical equipment
    • Analyses of operating accidents
    • OSH management systems and safety management
    • Occupational psychology and work psychology and company culture
  • Management of grant projects
  • Educational and training activities
  • Commercial services and consulting
  • Publishing and active participation in expert conferences
    • PZH – integral information system
  • Processing of analyses and statistics of occupational accidents rate
  • Preliminary specialized studies for public sector
  • Publishing and active participation in expert conferences
  • Operating of special library, literature retrieval services, a study

National Information and Education Centre

  • Expert activities focused on education and promotion OSH
  • Consulting courses, workshops and extended courses
  • Professional competences tests (accredited by Ministry of Education)
  • Editorials work (SÚIP Bulletins, specialized publications, CDs, DVDs, informational and promotional leaflets)
  • OSH campaigns (in cooperation with EU-OSHA)
  • Presentation at exhibitions and fairs
  • Contests for the young
  • Cooperation in Safe Maintenance and Good practice: cooperation in Focal Point operation
  • Research activities in the field of information system focused on:
    • Architecture and consequent and effective methods of data collection
    • Advanced ways of data handling and holding
    • Efficient methods of data presentation
    • Strategy of lifelong learning in OSH
    • Examination of appropriate conditions and ways for knowledge management application in OSH
  • Operation of supporting information tools:
    • specialized portal
    • BOZP encyclopedia
    • JOSRA – reviewed e-magazine
    • AiP SAFE digital archive
    • AKS Clavius – system for bibliographic information processing
    • Selective databases of European legal enactments concerning OSH



Jeruzalémská 1283/9
116 52 Praha 1 - Nové Město


N 50°5.08457', E 14°25.95365'
50°5'5.074"N, 14°25'57.219"E


tel.: +420 221 015 811
fax: +420 224 238 550


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