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Partnership and collaboration

Local Partnership

Association of Accredited and Authorized Organizations (AAAO)
Association of Accredited and Authorized Organizations is a voluntary national association of independent legal persons – organizations (testing facilities) that provide testing, certification, inspection, conformity assessment and other services with respect to products, management systems, persons, processes, activities etc. Its members are mostly active in the regulated sphere associated with the CE marking (as authorized organizations and notified bodies with EU), as well as in the unregulated sphere of quality of products, services etc. (as accredited organizations).

Association for Consultancy and Business (APP)
The Association for Consultancy and business is a successor of the Czech and Slovak Association for Counselling. APP brings together the collective and individual members providing advisory services.

Czech Association of Work and Organizational Psychologists (ČAPPO)
Czech Association of Work and Organizational Psychologists is a voluntary association of professionals with psychological education who perform or want to perform psychological activities and services in the field of work and organizational psychology to meet the needs of economic practice, or government standards laid down by the association.

Czech Ergonomic Society (ČES)
Czech Ergonomic Society is a voluntary professional association and independent individuals. Its mission is to promote the development of ergonomics and its application in practice. It brings together professionals engaged in developing and implementing ergonomics in various areas of life and work. The organization is to contribute to the humanization of human activities and optimize the relationship between human abilities and the conditions for his activities and cooperates with other organizations having similar interests (goals).

Czech Technology Platform on Industrial Safety (CZ-TPIS)
The platform is a voluntary, independent association bringing together members on the basis of common interest. Its mission is to support organizations in the development of industrial safety in the Czech Republic, identifying common national interest in industrial safety and uniform enforcement of those interests at the European level.

Council of public research Institutes of applied research (RAV)
Council of public research Institutes of applied research bringing together public research institution established by the ministries and regions. Council mission is to strive to improve the efficiency of applied research for public and private sector and increase its contribution to the development of society as a whole.

International Partnership

ENETOSH (European Network of Education and Training in Occupational safety and Health)
The network was set up with the financial support of the European Commission as part of the LEONARDO DA VINCI programme (for a project phase from 10/2005 until 09/2007). The project started out with 13 partners from 10 countries. Today, more than 65 partners from 32 countries are involved in ENETOSH. The network is coordinated by the Institute Work and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV).

Euroshnet (EURopean Occupational Safety and Health NETwork)
EUROSHNET is the network for cooperation between European OSH professionals active in standardization, testing, certification, and/or related research. EUROSHNET has the purpose of setting up a process of communication and cooperation between European OSH experts. Its fundamental objective is to anchor the level of protection required by European Single Market Directives not only in European, but also in international standards.

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) – program APELL (Awareness and Preparedness for Emergencies at Local Level)
APELL is a programme developed by UNEP in conjunction with governments and industry with the purpose of minimizing the occurrence and harmful effects of technological accidents and environmental emergencies. The strategy of the APELL approach is to identify and create awareness of risks in an industrialized community, to initiate measures for risk reduction and mitigation, and to develop co-ordinated preparedness between the industry, the local authorities and the local population.

World Safety Organization (WSO)
The purpose of the WSO is to internationalize all safety fields including occupational and environmental safety & health, accident prevention movement, etc., and to disseminate throughout the world the practices, skills, arts and technologies of safety and accident prevention profession. VÚBP is a national centre of WSO.

Local collaboration

Czech Technical University in Prague (CVUT)
Czech Technical University in Prague is one of the largest and oldest technical universities in Europe. He currently has eight faculties (civil, mechanical, electrical, nuclear and physical engineering, architecture, transportation, biomedical engineering, information technology). CTU trains modern professionals, scientists and executives with knowledge of foreign languages, who are dynamic, flexible and able to quickly adapt to market requirements.

Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions (ČMKOS)
Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions is a voluntary, open, independent, democratic confederation of trade unions protecting wage, working and living conditions and rights of employees. Is an important social partner in tripartite negotiations in the framework of the Council of Economic and Social Agreement of the Czech Republic.

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MPSV)
The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs was established in 1990. It is responsible for social policy (e.g. people with disabilities, social services, social benefits, family policy), social security (e.g. pensions, sickness insurance), employment (e.g. labour market, employment support, employment of foreigners), labour legislation, occupational safety and health, equal opportunities of women and men, migration and integration of foreigners, European Social Fund and other social or labour related issues.

State Labor Inspection Office (SÚIP)
State Labour Inspection is a state authority that provides control over the activities of labor safety and technical equipment, the observance of operating conditions, including labor relations and wage conditions under applicable legislation.

The National Institute of Public Health
The National Institute of Public Health is a health care establishment for basic preventive disciplines - hygiene, epidemiology, microbiology and occupational medicine. Its main tasks are health promotion and protection, disease prevention and follow-up of environmental impact on the health status of the population.

Technical University of Ostrava – Faculty of Safety Engineering (VŠB – TUO – FBI)
Faculty of Safety Engineering provides training of university-educated professionals in the field of fire protection and industrial safety in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs.

University of Economics in Prague (VŠE)
University of Economics is the largest public university of Economics in the Czech Republic. It is divided into six faculties which offer a wide range of fields of study in undergraduate, master's and doctoral degree programs.

International Collaboration

University of Zilina, Faculty of Safety Engineering (FBI ŽU)
The faculty is management-oriented technology and provides bachelor, master and doctoral studies in the field of crisis management. In addition to educational activities, the faculty is also focused on scientific activities and regularly organize conferences and seminars.

Cooperation with the corporate sector

EXACOM s.r.o.
EXACOM Company Ltd. is a consultancy instituion in the fields of management systems, industrial ecology, fire prevention and occupational health and safety, business, financial, organizational and economic issues.

Nábytek VASA spol. s r.o.
Czech furniture manufacturing company VASA is specialized in manufacturing high-quality office furniture and equipment of public interiors.

RWE Distribution Services, Ltd.
RWE Distribution Services focuses on the operation and maintenance of gas facilities to regional distribution system operators RWE group in the Czech Republic.

Saint-Gobain Construction Products CZ a.s. / divize Ecophon
Ecophon operates within a multinational group Saint-Gobain and focuses on the development, manufacture and supply of acoustic products and systems for increasing the quality of the working environment.

SPOLANA is one of the leading chemical companies in the Czech industry. It belongs to the group PKN Orlen and focuses primarily on the export of its products.

TLP, Ltd.
TLP is a Czech engineering and consulting company that deals with emergency and crisis management. It offers comprehensive services in the field of prevention, preparation and management of emergencies and crisis situations. It also offers secure continuity and recovery operations.

WATRAD, spol. s r.o.
The main activity of the company is the provision of technical and laboratory services for geological expertise with focus.



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