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Occupational Safety Research Institute (VÚBP)

The aim of the establishment of VÚBP is conducting scientific research in occupational safety and health protection at work as well as conducting specific tasks stemming from the International Labour Organisation conventions, existing legal regulations in OSH, requirements of the Council of the European Union and the European Commission, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, EUROSTAT and needs of the founder and the labour inspection.

The main activity of VÚBP is scientific research, verification and application of methods and means in the area of risk prevention relating to health or life impairment of persons, the environment and patrimony, relating to work activities and improving well-being at work as well as quality of working life. VÚBP is also involved in operational research, i.e. monitoring of the current state and trends in OSH, keeping and up-dating of the data and overall statistics related to OSH. VÚBP is the analytical and conceptual executive office for OSH.

Further activities of the Institute involve development and maintenance of factual, bibliographical and reporting systems in OSH; standardization, testing and certification tasks, acting as an office for major accidents prevention; training, education and promotion of OSH, consultation centre and OSH expertise. In the above-mentioned core areas, the Institute conducts publishing as well as business activities.

Other activities are being conducted as set forth by the law on public research institutions. Other activities include scientific, research and development tasks focusing on effective use of human resources and institutional assets. The activities encompass expertise, counselling, consulting and informational feed-back referring to the Institute’s activities, publishing, teaching and training, in-depth research and consultancy in OSH and HR management, certification and assessment of programmes and services anchored in the Institute’s mission, managing and organizing of expert and educational services. The scope and conditions relating to this segment are defined in the business license and the law on public research institutions.

In doing so, VÚBP generally contributes to raise the level of knowledge and education and to use results of scientific research in practice. The Institute receives, analyses and provides dissemination scientific information, issues scientific publications (monographies, periodicals, proceedings and the like), issues scientific findings, standpoints and recommendations and offers consulting and advisory services. In conjunction with technical universities the Institute runs a doctoral programme and educates scientific workers. The Institute also advances international cooperation, is involved in joint research with foreign partners as well as internships which leads to exchange of findings and joint work on publications. The organization hosts scientific meetings, conferences and seminars, both on national and international level and provides research infrastructure. The tasks are being conducted individually or by means of cooperation with universities and other scientific and professional bodies.

The above-mentioned activities are being conducted by means of:

  • monitoring and foreseeing trends in workplace safety and health protection
  • a comprehensive and system approach
  • the quality of our services and products.

The concept of activities of VÚBP stems from a system approach to the prevention of dangers to human health and life and dangers to the environment and property which are inherent in economic (work) activities. VÚBP is particularly focused on the support of system changes and therefore it can be concluded that Institute‘s policies, methods and applications cover this area to a considerable extent. This implies a wide support in the performance of work safety tasks by government authorities, especially in defining and testing the government policy in compliance with Convention No. 155/1981 of the ILO.

An important factor behind the Institute's activities is the fulfillment of requirements of the European Union. Therefore, VÚBP expands and intensifies its activities in standardization, testing and certification, especially as regards technical standardization and testing of personal protective equipment.

The Institute has been providing for more than fifty years professionally managed services including:

  • working conditions risk analysis (assessment of amount and exposition to biological, physical and chemical factors in the working environment)
  • providing expertise advisory care in OSH as well as well-being of employees while selecting adequate personal protective equipment, solving of physiological, psychological, ergonomic and hygienic problems and first aid organization in an enterprise
  • ascertaining the influence of work and working conditions on health condition and well-being at work
  • contribution to education and training in protection and health support including physiotherapy and recondition
  • health analyses including accidents at work, absenteeism, distribution of occupational diseases and diseases influenced by work



Jeruzalémská 1283/9
116 52 Praha 1 - Nové Město


N 50°5.08457', E 14°25.95365'
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tel.: +420 221 015 811
fax: +420 224 238 550


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